Five Tips To Overcome Procrastination

Stressed out? Procrastination could be the cause. Check out these 5 tips to overcome procrastination! #stress #simplify #simpleliving

I recently shared in this post how procrastination almost cost the life of one of our chickens.  Even though procrastinating doesn’t always result in such obvious problems, it always costs us something.  Many times it is unnecessary stress, wasted mental energy, or strained relationships.  We’ve all spent days with that feeling of dread looming over our heads or snapped at our kids because we were in a time-crunch to do something we should have completed weeks ago.  That’s why it’s essential that we overcome procrastination.

Stressed out? Procrastination could be the cause. Check out these 5 tips to overcome procrastination! #stress #simplify #simpleliving

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I get it.  We’re all busy.  We always have more stuff to do than time to do it.  But, if we would just take the extra time to do that stuff, it would relieve a lot of the stress in our lives.  

Here are my favorite tips for overcoming procrastination:  

  1. Consider the cost.  What problems could be caused by putting this off?  What can be gained by doing it immediately?
  2. Avoid committing to stuff that you know you will dread.  Yes, we all have to do some things that we don’t like, but how many times do you commit yourself to something simply because you are afraid to say no?  Consider how much time and energy a project will take before you give it your “yes.”  Jon Acuff says it like this:  “The word yes is very expensive.  You only have a few opportunities to spend it every day.  Don’t waste it on situations that deserve to hear the word no.”
  3. Practice “doing it now.”  We are constantly teaching our kids (and ourselves) to not walk past something that needs to be done.  No, that piece of trash left on the ground will not end in tragedy.  However, by picking it up immediately, you are developing the good habit of not putting stuff off until later.
  4. Be honest with yourself about how long something will take.  So many times, I put something off for WEEKS–only to find out that once I got started, it only took me 10 minutes.  I could have saved myself a lot of stress and mental energy if I had just done it!
  5. Just get started!  Getting started is usually the hardest step.  

I’ve created a free printable to help you get on track when you are struggling with procrastination.  It’s perfect to hang on your refrigerator, at your desk, or wherever you tend to have a hard time staying on task!  I’d love to send it to you!   Just click here if you would like one.

overcome procrastination

I hope these tips help you overcome procrastination and get stuff done!  Do you struggle with procrastination?  What are your favorite ways to overcome procrastination?

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Procrastination. What Does It Really Cost Us?

We all procrastinate from time to time. Find out how we learned how much procrastination can cost. #homesteading #overcomeprocrastination #simpleliving

I think we all struggle with procrastination from time to time, but some people seem to be extra prone to it. I am one of those people. I think for me it’s actually a symptom of perfectionism. I will spend days, or even weeks, delaying the start of a project while I attempt to think of the perfect, most efficient way to accomplish the task. Basically, I have your classic case of “analysis paralysis”–over-thinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken. However, we recently got a picture of what procrastination can cost.

Do you feel like you're always running out of time? Procrastination may be the culprit. Find out here what procrastination is really costing you.

We were cleaning out and re-arranging the chicken coop before winter hit, and I decided to remove one of the hanging waterers.  I took the waterer down from it’s strap and headed to the barn.  As I left, I made a mental note that I should come back and remove the strap.  But, life happened, something else caught my attention, and I put it off until another day.  

overcome procrastination

The next day Towhead came back from gathering the eggs and told me that “Snowy Owl” (one of our Americauna hens) was hanging up-side down in the coop!  She had apparently tried to roost on the loop at the end of the strap, but her body had slipped through.  She got caught under her wings, and, as she struggled to get free, she ended up tangled and up-side down.  

We quickly removed her, but she was extremely weak.  The poor girl could have been there, struggling, for several hours.  The only thing we knew to do was isolate her, get her started on some electrolytes, and pray for the best.  Within a few days, she was scratching and pecking around!  But, the tips of her wings still drug the ground.  Since she was otherwise normal, and chickens are social animals, we returned her to the flock.  She continued living her normal chicken life, and, after a month, her wings returned to normal.  In fact, this spring she surprised us with a brood of chicks!

We all procrastinate from time to time. Find out how we learned how much procrastination can cost. #homesteading #overcomeprocrastination #lessonsfromthefarm

This story had a happy ending, but it very easily could have ended tragically for Snowy Owl.  I wish it hadn’t happened, but we all make mistakes.  And, the best we can do after-the-fact is forgive ourselves and learn from the experience.  How many times do I walk by something that needs to be done?  How many times do I let distractions pull me away from a task that needs to be completed?  That day, my distraction almost cost us a chicken.  What if it had been one of my kids?

Do you struggle with procrastination?  One thing that has helped me overcome procrastination is to consider what it could cost.  Check out these other tips for overcoming procrastination!

Stressed out? Procrastination could be the cause. Check out these 5 tips to overcome procrastination! #stress #simplify #simpleliving

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