This Year’s Top Ten Chicken Mom Gifts

Any chicken mom would love these gifts! #chickens

Chicken moms.  You know the ones.  The ones that scroll through 50 chicken pictures on their phone to show you a picture of their firstborn son.  The ones that are happily scraping chicken poo when other moms are sitting at a little league game.  The ones who talk animatedly about their chickens personalities and antics at mom’s night out.   Yeah, those moms.  The only thing that’s harder than understanding them is buying them a gift.  I mean, of course they’d love another chicken, but really, do you want to add to the insanity?  So, today I have a list of chicken mom gifts that are sure to make her smile. 

Check out these 10 quirky gifts that any chicken mom is sure to love! #chickens #momgifts

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  I may be paid money as part of an affiliate program if you make a purchase by clicking through these links.  I will use said money to buy more chickens. 😀

These “nesting” chicken measuring cups are adorable and functional.  Open the mother hen to reveal an egg.  “Crack” the egg, and you will find her cute little chick.  The set has a total of 6 dry measuring cups ranging from 1/4 to 1 cup.
Chicken Mom Gifts: Nesting Chicken Measuring Cups

While we’re in the kitchen, check out this helpful little hen! She perches on the side of your soup pot and holds your spoon for you!

Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken spoon restAnd, for the love of chickens, how cute is this sink strainer?  I’m always concerned about what is going into our septic system, so this is a perfect solution!

Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken drain cover

Chicken moms may spend most of their time in the coop, but they still like to get gussied up for a night on the town.  What chicken mom wouldn’t love to be seen sporting a hen bag?  

Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken hen bag

And, while you’re at it, throw in this rubber chick coin purse!

Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken coin purse

And an egg laying rubber chicken keychain.
Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken keychain

And some Chicken Poop Lip Junk.  Not only is it amusing, but it’s seriously good stuff!

Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken poop chapstick

And, of course a chicken shirt!

Chicken Mom Gifts: OCD Chicken Shirt

 I got these for Christmas, and I love them!  These chicken socks are the perfect height to wear under my tall boots, and when I take my shoes off at someone else’s home, they are always the life of the party!  😀

Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken Leg Socks

Last but not least, every chicken mom loves to show off her little flock–even if she’s driving down the road!

Chicken Mom Gifts: Chicken decals

Do have a chicken mom in your life?  Are you a chicken mom?  What are your favorite quirky chicken gifts?

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