Screen Doors. How I Added Character To A Boring Hardware Store Door.

Screen doors are essential to any farmhouse. Read how to add character to a boring hardware store door. #diy #screendoor #farmhouses

Few things make me think of simpler times like the screech and bang of a screen door.  My thoughts immediately migrate to homemade pies, barefoot summers, and snapping green beans.  So, I decided early on that a screen door is an essential part of our farm house.  However, my many searches for old screen … Continue reading

Easy Sausage Gravy (Plus A Freezer Recipe)

This sausage gravy is easy to make and will remind you of grandma's home cooking! Even better, the recipe gives freezer instructions for a quick, hot breakfast! #biscuitsandgravy #sausagegravy #homecooking

I love old movies!  I love getting a peek into how life might have been before we became so industrialized as a nation.  One thing that has always fascinated me is how the whole town seemed to look forward to the County Fair.  The whole family would load up their … Continue reading

Dutch Oven Cobbler (For the Wood Burning Stove Or The Oven)

Even though I’m anxious to start construction on our house, I am grateful that we have lived out here for a couple of years first.  Our lifestyle is so different than it was when we drew our first house plans that those plans wouldn’t have worked well for us.  One … Continue reading

A Tribute To The Farm Guy From The Farm Girl Who Loves Him

The farm guy is not like other guys, but that's okay. The farm girl who loves him is not like other girls. #farmguy #farmgirl #farm

This Valentine’s Day there’s a lot of talk about grand romantic gestures and movies.  And, I’m okay with all of that, but I’m blessed to be loved by my Farm Guy every day.  A farm guy doesn’t always show his love like other guys, but that’s okay.  Because his girl … Continue reading

Pallet Sign Lettering Technique (It’s Easy Even For The Un-Crafty!)

This lettering technique makes hand painted signs easy even if you're not crafty. #crafting

Pallets.  Five minutes on Pinterest and you’re sure to see tons of uses for them–everything from furniture to gardening to flooring to signs.  So, when Mister drug some home, I couldn’t wait for a trip to town to make a rustic farmhouse pallet sign.  As he disassembled the pallet, I … Continue reading