Four Reasons You Should Invest In Yourself

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am really cheap frugal.  I love being a “home economist” and spending my time and efforts making the most of our financial resources.  And, honestly, it has served us very well.  We are now completely debt free (including our mortgage) and are able to focus on saving and investing for our future!  I’m always a little hesitant to share that, but I do because I want others to know that it can be done with the power of budgeting and having a plan.  But, with all of my intentionality, there is one area where I really struggle and have failed many times.  And, that is my refusal invest in myself!  So, today, I would like to encourage you to invest in yourself, because if I need to hear it, I’m sure somebody else does, too!

invest in yourself

We live in a time where information is EVERYWHERE!  So many times when asked how I learned to do something, I have just smiled and said, “You Tube“.  But, the challenge with having so much information available is that it can be hard to weed through what is truly useful and what is fluff–or even worse, completely wrong.  But, because of my frugality, I have spent hours digging through various websites and gleaning bits and pieces of information so that I could develop a plan or a system to accomplish a task.  Yes, I did eventually accomplish what I needed to without spending money on training, but I was not taking into the account the amount of hours, lost sleep, and frustration this was costing me!  In fact, just last week, I spent over ten hours trying to figure something out (technical stuff for the blog).  I finally broke down and spent $30 for a different service provider (instead of the free one I was trying to retro-fit).  I learned the new system and created what I needed in an hour or two.  And, I now have something that is easy to reproduce EVERY TIME instead of constantly trying to make something work in a way that it was not intended to work.  My stress level has dropped immensely.  I am able to be more productive.  And, I am nicer to my family.  (Let’s face it.  When we are stressed, it’s hard to be patient with those we love the most!)  And, that is all because I simply chose to invest in myself.  

Here Are 4 Reasons You Should Invest In Yourself:

  1. Your time is valuable!  Whether we realize it or not, our lives are made up of time.  So, when we don’t value our time, we are not valuing our lives.  No matter how much wealth, fame, or prestige we achieve, we cannot add to the days we have been given here on this earth.  Spending money on the tools we need to accomplish our day to day tasks is an investment that pays dividends in time to spend with our families and enabling us to achieve our goals.  
  2. You believe that you are not worth it!  This one is especially common for–but not exclusive to–moms.  If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you went shopping.  You may have looked at that new outfit that you would love to have, but at the end of the day, you put it back on the rack and headed to the cash register with something for your kids.  Many times, we will spend time and money on everyone else but feel guilty about using any resources for ourselves, even when it will help us serve our families better.  Listen to me!  I need you to set that guilt aside and invest in yourself!  Trust me.  When you invest in getting the tools and knowledge that you need to do your job better, not only you, but your whole family, benefits!  Yes, you can find all of the information you need on the internet for free, but there are many people out there that have spent the time and money to package up everything you need into one convenient resource.  Let them be a blessing to you and your family by providing you with that time-saving product, and bless their family by paying them for their efforts.
  3. You think you wouldn’t be able to follow through with it anyway!  Let me tell you, I have tried about every free resource that I have come across.  And, I have fallen behind, given up, or lost interest somewhere along the way.  However, when I invest our family dollars into something, I approach it in a whole different way.  That financial investment drives me to push through the hard stuff and not give up because when I look at the budget, I don’t want to have to admit that I wasted money.  By sacrificing part of our family budget to invest in me, my whole family is giving me a vote of confidence that I can learn and grow and WIN.  And, that, my friend, is incredibly powerful and encouraging.
  4. Your kids are following your example!  We encourage our kids to never stop learning and growing.  We tell them that it is important to invest in yourself.  We want them to learn a trade or get a college education to make themselves more valuable in the workforce.  We need to set the example by being life-long learners who are not afraid to invest in learning new things.

So, don’t just set goals and spend your days banging your head against the wall or give up on them all together.  Set a goal, then look for ways to invest in yourself so that you can be successful!  

Your time is valuable!  

You are worth it!  

You can follow through and achieve your goals!

You are an example!

What about you?  Do you have goals that you have given up on?  Are there resources that you should invest in, but you are hesitant to invest in yourself?  Have you found an on-line class or other resource that you love?  How has it helped you achieve your goals?

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