Crockpot Oatmeal in 60 Seconds

It happens every morning.  My family gets up, and they want to eat.  I get it.  They’re hungry, but I’m SO not a morning person.  So, our options are eat expensive and not-so-healthy cold cereal, eat breakfast at 11:00 when my brain turns on, or I can prepare breakfast the night before.  When I discovered this crockpot oatmeal recipe, it was an instant hit! 

In a rush every morning? Prepare this crockpot oatmeal the night before and wake up to a healthy, hot breakfast! #crockpotrecipes #crockpotoatmeal #frugalrecipes

My family loves having a hot breakfast waiting for them, and I love the fact that it’s quick, easy, and healthy.  I buy organic steel cut oats from a coop for 87 cents a pound!  And, we never get bored of it because there are so many ways to change up oatmeal!

Here’s a quick tutorial video.  I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!

What does your family do for breakfast?  Do you ever make it the night before?

Check out these other uses for oatmeal!

Oatmeal is healthy and inexpensive! Check out all of it's uses both in and out of the kitchen! #frugalrecipes #homemadebeautyproducts #oatmealrecipes

Would you like some more tips for saving money on food?  Check out this post!

Great tips for saving on food! #savingmoney #debtfreedom #frugalliving

Here’s another great oatmeal recipe!

These Italian Meatloaf Balls are made without pre-made bread crumbs and cooking them in a mini muffin pan allows the grease to drain off. Plus, they're delicious! #beefrecipes #comfortfood

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