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bucket listI have to admit, I usually see things like making a “Bucket List” as a passing trend that I have no desire to get caught up in. I have a lot of… ok, too much… confidence in my ability to remember and get around to doing something, so why should I write it down?

However, as the years have flown by and life has gotten busier, I’ve come to appreciate how quickly time passes, how incredibly mortal we are, and how easy it is to fall into a rut. I am the queen of “we need to get together” and “we are going to go (you fill in the blank) someday”, yet never getting around to it. Maybe it’s my introverted nature. Maybe it’s the amount of work involved in getting the animals taken care of for the day and getting me, along with 4 kiddos, out the door. Maybe it’s the guilt I feel doing something social or fun instead of working on one of my many projects. Whatever it is, I stink at getting it done.

So, a couple weeks ago, due to encouragement from a podcast I was listening to (shout out to Jerrod Murr and Ryan Eller, hosts of “The Live Your List Show“), I did it. I made a Bucket List! Or, actually, I should say, I started a Bucket List, because I very quickly discovered a Bucket List is not a list to create and then conquer. It is more like a living document that evolves, stretches and grows with you as you undergo different life experiences.

Amazingly, even writing the list over the last few weeks has changed me. In the beginning, as I sat pen in hand, I would linger over each line item…. “I want to own a goat. Okay, well, they are a hundred or so dollars on craigslist. Maybe I would get a better deal at an auction. I could keep him/her (Hmmmm…Do I get a billy or a nanny?) in the pen with the chickens. I wonder if that is enough area… Well, it’s definitely obtainable. I’ll write it down.” And, so went each item until I slowly realized how much I limit my dreams, and, slowly, I forced myself to dig deep for every time I have heard or seen something and thought, “Wow! It would be cool to say that I did that!”

As the days went by, more and more things came to my remembrance, and, as I wrote them on my list, my list began to evolve into this reflection of who I am, what I dream, and what I would do if I had no limitations.

Making a Bucket List is an exercise in knowing yourself–without boundaries, without fears, without past failures, without fear of future failures, without comfort zones.


And, the funny thing is, I am beginning to see possibilities I didn’t see before–minor changes in plans or routes that could check an item off of my list. I am beginning to better appreciate and value experiences (and, more importantly, people). And, as I check items off of my list, I feel brave enough to dream bigger, stretch myself further, breath deeper, live more fully, love fearlessly. Part of that stretching includes being more vulnerable. For me, that includes putting aside the fear of being seen as a failure if I can’t accomplish some of my list items or people thinking I’m just plain silly, and posting my list for the world to see. My hope is that it will encourage others to step outside their day-to-day grind and write their Bucket Lists.

  1. Own a goat.
  2. Raise my own Thanksgiving turkey.  Thanksgiving 2014
  3. Scream “I’m debt free” on The Dave Ramsey Show.
  4. Visit The Creation Museum in Kentucky.  7/6-7/7/2014
  5. Build a cabin/tiny house.
  6. Go on a missions trip.
  7. Compete in the Cow Chip Throwing Contest in Beaver, OK.
  8. Write a blogDOING IT!
  9. Guest post on a popular blog.
  10. Milk a cow.
  11. Take an RV road trip.  7/3-7/19/14
  12. Zipline.  7/7/14
  13. Do a milestone video for Dave Ramsey.
  14. Stay in a bed and breakfast.
  15. Write a book or an e-book.
  16. Raise a pig.
  17. Host an old-fashioned tea party.
  18. Learn to can.  8/2014
  19. Kayak.
  20. Make jelly. 8/2014
  21. Visit Australia.
  22. See all 50 states.
  23. Visit Washington, DC.
  24. Become a successful gardener.
  25. Be a guest on a radio talk show.
  26. Rent a room.  Alone.  And read… for days.
  27. Do a motivational speech in front of a group of people.
  28. Hand a stranger $100 for no reason at all.
  29. See Niagara Falls.  7/8/14
  30. Visit old plantations in the Carolinas.
  31. Make a viral video.
  32. Invent something.
  33. Be on the Oklahoma Agritourism List.
  34. Live as a minimalist for some period of time.
  35. Learn Latin.
  36. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  37. Play in sand dunes in the desert.
  38. Go to Ireland.
  39. Sleep in a castle.
  40. See the Statue of Liberty.
  41. Become a successful seamstress.
  42. Do a “crowdfunding” campaign.
  43. Learn to use twitter.  DOING IT!
  44. Name our place (farm).
  45. Grow some sort of orchard.
  46. Visit Prince Edward Island.
  47. Go to Boston.
  48. Meet the Duggars.
  49. Go to Holland.
  50. Stand on top of a mesa.
  51. Snowmobile.
  52. Go dogsledding.
  53. Be a millionaire.
  54. Participate in a “Murder Mystery”.
  55. Drive a tank.
  56. Do a polar plunge.
  57. Leave a $100 tip.
  58. Serve in a soup kitchen.
  59. Be a “street performer” in a major city for a day.
  60. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with the kids.
  61. Show the kids the 5 lighthouses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
  62. Learn to call auctions.
  63. Stick my feet in all five Great Lakes.  7/3-7/19/14
  64. Stand under a waterfall.  7/7/14
  65. Take an improv class.
  66. Partake in a giant food fight.
  67. Visit a ghost town.
  68. Help someone else check an item off of their list.
  69. Own rental property.
  70. Zorb with my whole family.
  71. Make a parody video.

What do you think? Are you encouraged to write a Bucket List? Do you already have one? Please post it in the comments. I would LOVE to read it!

18 Responses to Bucket List

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  3. Wow! I never thought about a bucket list like that, but how true. Ruts set in, days, weeks and months go by but normally only those things you write down actually get accomplished. Hmmm. Food for thought and there are a couple things I would like to help you accomplish on your bucket list because I’ve done them. I will have to think, think, think!

    • Mandi says:

      So true Rebecca! As I was making my bucket list, on a couple of things I told Mister that I thought it was silly to write them down because I could just go out and do them today. His response, “But you haven’t.” Now they are written down and getting done! And, I am always up for help accomplishing bucket list items, as well as helping others accomplish theirs!

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  6. Mister says:

    A bucket list would be awesome.

  7. Michelle says:

    In high school, my art teacher made us all write a kind of Bucket List: 25 things we want to do by the time we turn 25.
    In the year we turned 25, she mailed them to us (via our parents) so we could open them up and see at age… 16, 17, 18…what our dreams were. I was pleasantly surprised that I had accomplished many of them. Slightly embarrassed about a few of them. And a few were just no longer goals I had. Maybe I should have taken that list and made another updated list! Might just do that! 🙂

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  9. nate says:

    bucket list can change? add “eat at a true Wisconsin supper club” and “fresh cheese curds” the kind that are bagged up still Luke warm at the dairy and have NOT been put into a cooler, squeek while chewing. pure joy!!

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  12. Derrick Peay says:

    Your bucket list sounds amazing and attainable. Though I would warn you about Holland. I was stationed there at a NATO post for four years, and absolutely fell in love with the country. Had it not been for my grandmother asking me to come home, I would have pledged allegiance to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and became a Dutch citizen. Also while I was there, I qas able to fly to Ireland over a 4-day weekend for only $75!
    I love your blog and look forward to more updates

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